Carla Pantuosco

If you're looking for an outlet to charge your soul, you will find it with yoga.  My mission is to help you to discover and grow a practice that is as unique and defining to you as your own fingerprint.  One that has some suggested Yoga Sutra guidelines, but leaves room, and ultimately empowers you to learn what feels right for your body and mind.  One that goes beyond just a fitness class and takes your practice to a higher esteem.

I believe in hosting a space for you that allows for a self-challenge, but also allows for recovery, breath work and a peaceful mentality.  I believe that alignment, strength-building, and solid Chaturangas are all important; but what's essential to grow is self-awareness, compassion and a dedication to your practice.  I truly believe yoga is for every body so I teach to every body type and every level of experience.  And I believe that the more you practice on the mat, the more the wholeness of your personal yoga will show up for you everywhere else.  

I found yoga in 2009, and in 2015 became a certified yoga instructor completing my 200hr training with Health Yoga Life in Boston.  I am honored that I now have the opportunity to guide others who are starting or continuing their own yogic journeys.  

"And you?  When will you begin that long journey into yourself?"-Rumi