Hannah Brents

My relationship with yoga has been a slow burn. There were many years of inconsistency before I was able to commit. 
Work study programs provided the structure and consistency necessary to make me aware that I need a regular yoga practice to keep my crazy at bay. Since then, I have made exercise, diet, emotional/spiritual/social well-being a priority in my life. Even off the mat, I am assessing balance, intention, finding and challenging my edge, grounding down into myself, and focusing on my center."

Hannah relocated to Boston to pursue a Master's degree in Theological Studies and Social Work. During this time, she also completed her 200-hr teacher training at Coolidge Corner Yoga with the New School of Yogic Arts under the instruction of Andrew Tanner and Laura Ahrens. She enjoys bringing yoga to communities that are often forgotten participants in the yogic community, including English Language Learners and people with mental illnesses. Her teaching focuses on attention to alignment, breath, and the spiritual/philosophical aspects made tangible through the asana. The practice of noticing one's responses, without judgement, in certain poses is imperative to challenging one's edge and having a fuller experience of the pose. 

"Yoga is such a gift to my life because it provides the structure I need in order to come home to myself. Yoga guides me towards greater presence in my own body and becoming better acquainted with what it feels like in my own skin. In this way, yoga teaches me how to more fully inhabit my own humanness. As a teacher, my hope is for my students to learn how to experience their own humanness through yoga."