Christina views yoga as a way to connect with one's authentic self and to, above all else, be present. She started practicing yoga during her first year of college. She had been synchronized swimming for the nine years previous up through the end of high school.

Once at the University of Vermont, she discovered yoga by attending a variety of class styles. It's there that her yoga journey began. There are many similar elements between vinyasa-flow yoga and synchronized swimming such as flexibility, strength, breath-work, alignment and focus.

She was comforted by the familiarity and became invested. During her senior year she completed a 200-hour training which expanded her knowledge of alignment and philosophy. 


Christina's main goal as a yoga teacher is that each student leaves class feeling a little happier, stronger, and more at peace than they were at the start. Her favorite sequences are flows which offer stretches for the entire body along with core strengthening and spiritual grounding. She loves the feeling of invigorated calmness after each class and strives to translate mindful yogic ideals into daily life.

Yoga has helped her approach life with a positive attitude and inspires her to share happiness with others. She is an advocate for body positivity and believes in the benefits yoga provides for mental health.

Professionally, she works with regulatory environmental compliance in the Boston area. In her free time, she's happiest when in the company of close friends and family, decorating her apartment with plants, cooking vegetarian meals, and enjoying the sunshine on warm days.