Class Descriptions

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HEALflow - gentle yoga

half gentle flow - half restorative, which consists of resting in passive poses supported by pillows and blankets

recover from the rigors and challenges of life and enhance the energy you bring to all your endeavors, from the inside out
asana and pranayama (poses and breathing) practice are sequenced to balance energy in the mind and body, enhancing vitality

CHILLflow - all levels vinyasa

a creative, all levels vinyasa flow class with 'power' options provided... set to CHILLaxing beats

modifications and extensions are offered to help you carefully find your limits and then challenge them gently

link breath with movement in this dynamic class to build strength, fluidity and flexibility in both mind and body

practice riding waves of calming breaths to find strength as you find challenges on your mat - this in turn will allow you to face challenges in your life with calm strength

expect a well-balanced sequence that progresses smoothly through stretching, forward folds, twists, core work, lunges, balancing and backbends - we guide you through postures mindfully, with attention to alignment & breathing - come explore this moving meditation!

75-80 degrees - cooler than other 'hot' yoga styles by 20-30 degrees - lobby kept cooler in case it gets too intense on your mat

VINYASizzle - hot power flow

Build stamina, endurance, and strength in your body as you work through power poses.

VINYASizzle is a more fitness-based approach to yoga, allowing you to work up a sweat and build heat in your muscles.

The instructor creates a unique flow combining traditional and modern styles of power yoga in a full body workout. VINYASizzle will challenge your strength and endurance capacities, but also incorporate stretching to lengthen muscles you work.

Expect 85-90 degrees - cooler than other 'hot' yoga styles by 15-25 degrees - lobby kept cooler in case it gets too intense on your mat.

*Some yoga experience recommended, but all levels are welcome

yogaSCULPT - power yoga with weights + cardio

a music driven fusion class that combines power vinyasa, flow with free weights, core, cardio and strength training
yogaSCULPT is not for the faint of heart - challenging, high intensity moves are sequenced in intervals - fitness and even some fun

experience recommended

expect 75-80 degrees - cooler than other 'hot' yoga styles by 20-30 degrees - lobby kept cooler in case it gets too intense on your mat

GLOWyoga FUSION - glow-in-the-dark yoga dance party

Beginner friendly GLOWyoga FUSION is Boston's best glow-in-the-dark yoga experience!

NOT just vinyasa in the dark - class is carefully crafted to be completely accessible for complete beginners (promise) and yet entertaining for yoga vets (promise)

party vibe - bumpin tunes - blacklights fill the studio - wear neon!

glow sticks and glow paint are included, as is mat rental

* private bookings are available - please email for more information *

* group discounts available * *