GlowYogaFusion (beginner friendly version)

GlowYogaFusion is carefully crafted to be completely accessible for complete beginners (promise) and yet entertaining for yoga vets (promise)

glow sticks + glow paint included, as is mat rental

blacklights fill the studio - wear white or neon - NOT just vinyasa in the dark

by arriving early, your glow paint will have time to dry while you snap some shots for social media


class begins with a chillaxing ZenGlow vibe - next, a yoga warmup with clear directions so even newbies can follow along - then the real fun begins

flow to the beat!  Stefan rhymes (sings?) instructions in synch with the music

finally, get off your mat and briefly experiment with guided partner and group activities


* for private bookings/events - *

* group discounts available *