Megan fell in love with yoga back in 2005, during a high school gym class. She practiced on and off throughout college as a way to mitigate stress, but it wasn't until she started extensively traveling that her passion for yoga ignited.

Traveling by oneself offers so many unique benefits and it's through exploring different cultures that Megan started to untangle the immense complexity of oneself. While in Belize, she read her first self help book and from then on, Megan has developed an unwavering desire to grow and push her boundaries as she understands them (and encourages her students to do the same!)

It’s through her personal yoga practice that Megan decided to move back to Massachusetts and take a 200-hour teacher trainer. Having lived abroad and taken so few yoga classes, this idea of an instructor telling her what to do seemed foreign. Megan is a strong believer in that: yoga is a personal practice and throughout class will encourage students to play around with what feels good in their bodies, using her cues simply as suggestions. 

Megan loves yoga and takes a playful approach to teaching- with upbeat playlists, chakra balancing essential oils and unique sequences- she cant wait to  share her passion with you!