Stefan Kalin

Stefan, founder of Acorn Yoga, was a full time architectural consultant until April 2014 when he started his first business: Acorn Yoga.

His teaching style focuses on coaching both aspiring and experienced yogis to achieve deeper practice. A background including Bikram Yoga, Kenpo martial arts, tai chi and a variety of athletics including basketball and baseball informs his ability to work with a wide range of clients.  

Prior to finding yoga at age 25, Stefan understood the world around him in terms of science and math.  His journey toward appreciating, understanding and valuing the teachings of yoga is something he aims to help others replicate in their own lives. His structured approach helps even skeptics relate to and benefit from the teachings of yogic philosophy and physical practice.  

He has developed a yoga basics/vinyasa prep curriculum he calls 'foundations' that provides a great first few steps into practice.

Stefan is available for private/small group sessions and corporate events.